Refreshing sports drink


Had a short season this year but still got plenty of good days riding in.  Hanging up the boots, off to the beach…


Fresh Logic Video

Last week we shot a music video with a local Vancity MC, Fresh Logic.  It was a gloomy February day but luckily it snowed the day before which added a nice touch to the nature walk.  Expect more from this guy in the future….



Belcarra Park

We went crabbing again this weekend.  Dreary, cloudy skies parted in the afternoon and gave us some nice light to compliment the day’s catch.  Crabbing is the new clubbing.

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Crabbing at Belcarra

Mmm delicious…

High Speed Photography

High speed photography will blow the back of your brain out.

These were taken on the front (or back?) of a subway in Japan by AppuruPai.

Barker Vineyard

My old man has been making his own wine for years.  He always reuses the same bottles so I thought it was about time he got his own custom label.

Port Advantage

That’s some Matrix shit.

VIDEO – Ropeswingin’

Contrary to stereotypes there is actually lots to do in small towns.

VIDEO – The Japan Trip 2011

Last winter we went to Japan for a month.  The north island of Hokkaido is known for it’s world record-setting amounts of snow and it definitely lived up to it’s reputation.  I was basically born in a snow cave and can honestly say this was the most snow I’ve ever seen.  The sheer amount of snow is only outdone by the rate at which it accumulates.  We would shred the morning/ early afternoon, go in for an early dinner and then hit the slopes again at around 5 pm.  Any tracks from the day were filled in by then and it was fresh lines all night under the football stadium-magnitude lighting.  Unreal.  We also spent a week checking out the more popular south island, Honshu, which was equally breathtaking.  Japan is an amazing country with a refreshingly peaceful vibe considering it’s large population and small size.  Definitely going back.

We made a video documenting our travels.  It’s just under 18 minutes long so grab a tasty beverage and settle in…


The 444 Board

Right now I’m in the process of turning one of my old snowboards into a piece to hang on the wall.  Instead of just painting the flat topsheet I grinded down about 1/4″ in certain areas to give it some 3d texture.